- 17th August 2023

Embarking on a Fluttering Adventure: We Collaborate with Dorset Butterfly Conservation for the Big Butterfly Count

This year, we proudly partnered with Dorset Butterfly Conservation for the Big Butterfly Count, hosting a series of guided walks across the fields near Eye Bridge, adjacent to our Rivers Edge development in Dorset.

Taking place from July 14th to August 6th, this nationwide initiative invites individuals to join in appreciating and safeguarding butterflies by documenting the diverse array of species gracing our surroundings.

The events offered a unique chance for participants to enjoy exploring the Wimborne fields whilst observing butterflies. Research has shown that butterflies have declined by a concerning 75% over the past 50 years. The Big Butterfly Count aims to assess the health of our environment and conservationists identify those species in the most trouble.

For those seeking the best vantage point for butterfly watching, local green spaces hold the key. Butterflies are essential players in maintaining healthy ecosystems and plant diversity. To shed light on creating a welcoming space for butterflies, we sought advice from Steven Brown of Dorset Butterfly Conservation, who shared some simple yet effective tips:

Easy Ways to Support Butterflies in Your Garden:

1. Butterfly-friendly Plants: Certain plants act like magnets for butterflies. Colourful wildflowers and sweet-smelling Buddleia are popular choices. Also, include plants like Buckthorne, which caterpillars rely on for food, helping them transform into beautiful butterflies.

2. Space for All Stages: Dedicate a corner of your garden to wildflowers or perennial plants. By removing topsoil and sowing wildflower seeds, you can create a friendly space that supports butterflies at every stage of their life cycle.

3. Caring for Butterfly Houses: Butterfly houses can be beneficial, but they should be left undisturbed, especially during hibernation periods. Having plants and grasses is crucial, as caterpillars need them for food. Ivy, with its autumn flowers, provides a late-season nectar source for migrating butterflies. You could also consider planting flowers that provide nectar and creating spots where butterflies can rest and hide, such as shrubs and bushes.

By following these simple tips, you can make your outdoor spaces more inviting to butterflies while contributing to the important cause championed by The Big Butterfly Count.

For more information about Rivers Edge and its commitment to conservation, please visit https://www.wyatthomes.co.uk/riversedge/ or contact our team.

Email: riversedge@wyatthomes.co.uk

Telephone: 01202 886598

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