- 28th June 2023

Highlighting Inspirational Stories of Ex-Military Personnel in the Construction Industry for Armed Fotretesrces Day

Recently, we proudly celebrated Armed Forces Day by recognising the remarkable contributions of ex-military personnel in our workforce.

Armed Forces Day, observed on June 24th, provides an opportunity for the nation to express gratitude for the selfless commitment of our armed forces in safeguarding our freedom and security. It is a time to show support and appreciation for all servicemen and women, including reservists, veterans, and cadets. As a business, we acknowledge the invaluable skills, discipline and resilience that ex-military personnel bring to the industry.

Emma Keys (35), from Renfrew, Scotland, is our Sales and Marketing Assistant who brings valuable experience as a former Royal Air Force Medic to the housebuilding industry. Emma underwent rigorous training, including eight weeks of basic training and six months of trade training to become a medic. Her military service equipped her with valuable skills such as discipline, determination, and exceptional teamwork, which have propelled her career within the Sales Department.

During her time in the Air Force, Emma trained in Aeromedical Response allowing her to work on aircraft with patients, battlefields, advanced trauma and life support. She served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and spent time in Kenya, Cyprus and the Ascension Islands. 

She explained, “My military service has given me great skills such as discipline and determination as well as a great foundation for working within a team.

“It has given me a great foundation to carry out my roles within the Sales Department and provide customers with an exceptional journey from their very first appointment to completion and beyond.

“Teamwork is at the forefront in both the military and at Wyatt Homes. Your team become your family and you work together in very close environments and every individual has their part to play to ensure that the end goal is achieved in the best way.”

Stephen Chapman (62), from Southampton and Site Manager at Mountbatten Park, served with The Royal Green Jackets for 12 years as an Army Engineer. Stephen's military background instilled in him essential management skills, discipline and a strong sense of camaraderie. He recognises the importance of creating a cohesive team in the construction industry and emphasises the value of the friendship formed among ex-military personnel.

Stephen served in Northern Ireland completing five six-month tours in Belfast, as well as completing three tours in Canada and serving six years in Germany.

Stephen said, "I believe that the structure of the army in discipline and routine helped me to achieve my successes in the construction industry. It teaches you management which you require in this industry, you need to be able to encourage and not be afraid to tell people they are wrong.

“I have found over the years within this industry you bump into ex-military personnel, and there's always that comradeship that never dies."

Ben Simpson (39), from Salisbury, Site Manager at Saxondale Gardens and a former Army Sergeant, brings a wealth of leadership experience and industry knowledge to his role. His military journey began when he attended the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where he underwent thorough training and was commissioned in 2011 into the Royal Corps of Signals. Throughout his military career, Ben specialised in Signals Intelligence before transitioning to a Regiment responsible for establishing command headquarters in the field.


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